Divorce is hard. It is one of the most difficult experiences you'll ever face. The intense grief and feelings of hurt and anger can make it almost impossible to figure out how to move on. Suppressing or failing to deal with your emotions can ultimately lead to depression.

This is not where your story ends. YOU need to keep moving after your divorce; this is especially not the time to stop. The end of your marriage is just the start of your progress towards a life filled with happiness.

When a relationship ends, it’s only natural that you feel bad about it. Rather than bottling your feelings inside, allow yourself to grieve; it’s OK to grieve. In fact, it’s probably necessary for your healing. When you are willing to feel it, you can heal it. It’s not possible to talk or coax yourself out of a heartbreak. You need to go through it and experience it.

One might be feeling unloved. But you’re lovable. There are friends and family members that genuinely love you. When you’re struggling with thoughts of self-doubt and loneliness, remind yourself that you are both loved and lovable. Start treating yourself with love and surround yourself with positive energy.

When divorce happens, you can lose sight of things that are important to you. You can start questioning your values and principles. Think deeply about what you want out of life and what your values are. Doing this will help you to see practical steps you need to take to create a meaningful life for yourself after your breakup or divorce.

If you haven’t started already, now is especially the right time to start making healthy choices. It simply means living a healthy lifestyle. Remember, that if you’re going to live a happy life, it starts with you. Remember, that as one chapter closes, another opens up.

It might seem like you’re carrying the weight of the world but keep moving forward regardless of the pace. The most important thing is that you’re moving in the right direction. Your very happiness depends on this.

Rose Simard-Bachand

  Posted: Monday, September 30th, 12:00pm 20 days ago
Written By: Dafne Canales Lees

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