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“When a girl gets her first period she is introduced to wisdom, during the menstruating years she is experiencing wisdom and when she reaches menopause, she becomes wisdom.” — A Native Saying.

Where are you on your journey of wisdom? Each month, we can embrace the natural cycle of seasons within our menstrual cycle. Just before our period, we experience our autumn, a significant time to reflect and rest. The tide is low; ask yourself, what is being exposed in your life that you feel you need to address? On the new moon, our winter begins with the first day of our period; this is a time of our deeper inward journey. A time to allow our body to rest and restore, for about 2 to 5 days. Gradually we move into spring, and our body creates the new energy of summer as the full moon and ovulation peaks. This is our time of creation, creativity and powerful connection with the outer world. We share and shine. Then, once again, we move into autumn and winter to reflect and rest. When a woman intuitively listens and responds to this natural rhythm of her cycle, she will be empowered to live her most energized, peaceful and impactful life.

Each month, we are given the physical and emotional messages to listen to our body and heed its calling. Are you mindful of the messages your body is sending you each day? Are you aware of what season you are creating? Are you scheduling your life to support your natural cycle?

During menopause, we continue to experience the same rhythm aligning ourselves with the cycle of the physical moon in the sky. We come to a place in our lives when we listen deeper to our souls' calling. We understand and create empowering space to be living an intentional life of wisdom.

— Heather Driedger B. Ed. Certified Health Coach Creator of Applause for Menopause Online Boutique Course Author of Living Joy – Empowering Ways of Reducing and Managing Stress www.heathershealthcoaching.com

  Posted: Tue May 12th 2020 12:00pm  22 days ago

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