The importance of reading

One of the most important factors women in business often overlook is the need to read. Reading allows businesswomen to stay on top of current trends in our global economy. It also feeds your brain the food it needs to keep the creative juices flowing. There are so many blog options for women in the world of business out there; this blog will help you find one or two that are just right for you.

The Bluehost Blog took all of the thinking out of finding the perfect blog for you and your business needs. They had me at, “if you’re not a regular blog reader, you should be.” Reading isn’t fundamental for no reason. The world is in a constant state of change, and as a businesswoman, you cannot afford to fall behind on what is relevant. Bluehost has compiled a list of the 6 best blogs for women in business; be sure to check them out.

Talk about food for your brain, writer Natalie Mac Neil has compiled a list of the 30 Best Business Blogs for Women. If you can’t find a blog that suits all of your business needs here, I don’t know where else to direct you. The scope of blogs she offers is diverse, and they are all woman-centred. I hope it makes you feel like a kid in a candy store.

Never underestimate the power of words. Even if you think you have discovered the perfect source for all of your business reading needs, you should never stop searching for new material.

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  Posted: Tuesday, March 7th, 4:55am 2 years ago

I am in this for the long game, I love the support I get from other women and I have met some wonderful ladies who are like me and just moving their companies forward. I don't have an expectation that everyone or even anyone in the group will do business with me, I do have an expectation that if I need a sounding board, I have a solid group of women who have my back and will be honest with me. I have a group of women who if I have a question or a resource need, someone will know where / who to contact and the referral will not be a skeezy sales person - it will be someone who is trust worthy and will do well by me (eg: not rip me off). I believe in mentoring, giving back and making sure we support each other. If I get any business on the side from this - awesome - so I'm probably not the average joe with expectations that this will bring me double the business, etc - but this group fills a great need that is out there - women supporting other women in succeeding in thing goals and dreams. Love what you and Darla are doing - keep doing it! -Lydia Dahl

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