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Is there a way to see the profiles that link me to a 3rd level profile?

This is a great question!

When you are directly connected to someone, you can see all the profiles you have in common, the groups you have in common, their activity on Linked In and “People Also Viewed.”

When people are second-level connections, you can see the connections you have in common, as well as the groups you have in common and the profiles of “People Also Viewed.” Personally, I have received great clients from the “People Also Viewed” list on someone’s profile.

If you are on a FREE platform, you cannot see past the second-level connections and their activity.

Linked In wants us to “Upgrade to Sales Navigator or Recruiter to unlock additional filters.” This is a direct quote from LinkedIn.

You see, somewhere the “Piper must be paid.”

I know the kinds of salaries that these people command just by their knowledge and expertise. The companies need to charge for products and services they offer in order to pay the hundreds of employees it takes to keep the business running.

Remember that the biggest kept secret on Linked In is not necessarily in how far you can see into the connections you have in common, but it is in the groups. One thing I have noted over the years is that most people do not join any groups. Linked In has set up their algorithms so that today, the platform searches for groups that would be appropriate for you, based on your profile.

You can also scroll down to the bottom of all the groups that you are currently in and search for more groups to join. There are 1,485,784 groups to choose from when I click the search button at the bottom of my groups page. Personally, I look for groups with more than 10K members.

Would you like to know more about the groups?

— Christine Till

  Posted: Wed Jul 8th 2020 12:00pm  a year ago

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