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It’s selfish NOT to practice being selfish. We cannot expect others to assume what is best for us. When we practice being selfish, we are modeling an attitude of self-respect and strong self-esteem.

If we regularly meet others’ needs first, before our own, it may be important to look at the motivators. Is our behavior ego-driven, a desire to be recognized or complimented? Is it an unconscious or even uncontrollable desire to please, or a fear of what others may think? This behavior may lead to resentment, regret or other negative tendencies. Saying no takes practice. You can say no in a variety of ways; the more you do it, the easier it gets! Yes, that includes family and close friends!

  • Begin with assessing needs — respect, quiet time, peace, laughter, and listen to your emotions.
  • Raise your standards — what do you want for you? Maintain a reserve of time, money, love and wellness.
  • Set boundaries — teach others how you want to be treated; what is acceptable to you.
  • Eliminate tolerations — fix things that are broken; purge what you don’t need.
  • Do Dump Delegate — free up more time for self-care, incrementally. Be patient with the transition, take baby steps.
  • Communicate your intentions — let others know your intentions and why it is important.
  • Don’t be an enabler — others are much more capable than we give them credit for!

Support your efforts by planning as to how you will capture time for yourself. We all have 1440 minutes in one day; all you need is 5. Take the challenge and think of what you are giving of yourself to the world and give from a place of abundance instead of lack.

Be selfish and give more!

— GailMc Donald

  Posted: Tue Mar 10th 2020 12:00pm  a year ago

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