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Being different from a marketing standpoint is crucial, what are you doing differently inside your business? In addition to your marketing, do you review your processes, suppliers, client relations to determine what is working and where you might be able to improve? 2019 is only two months away, do you have a plan for the new year? Being different isn’t about your competition as much as it is about exploring your unique value and capitalizing on that value in all areas of your business.

When you are your business, standing out requires you to step up, stand tall and be present. Everywhere your target audience is, you need to become a common denominator so they know you are the go to person for whatever it is you sell. When you come to Womanition meetings, bring a door prize. Make the door prize relatable to you, create a theme that becomes synonymous with you. A good example are the wine glasses Shauna Madsen paints for door prizes. Creativity is her brand and her unique value in all that she does.

I profile women in business so they can become the very best in their business, and everything I do supports that differentiator. It is all about connecting and helping others grow their business and make a difference, whether its Womanition Connect groups, The BizBrigade, Supearlative awards, or the mentorship program. I like to think I am helping to cultivate celebrities in the business community.

When I wake up every morning, my first thought, ok, maybe my second thought is, how can I do things differently today?

I love each and every one of you for who you are. I am fortunate to have the support of so many, and when I need anything, I have the cream of the crop to draw from, Womanition women.

Thank you for making a difference by being a part of our community.

Dorothy Briggs

  Posted: Tue Nov 5th 2019 2:00pm  2 years ago

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Dorothy and all the ladies at Womanition have become the greatest source of wealth in my life. This amazing, dynamic and loving group continues to be the tide that lifts all ships. -Karen West