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Do you find yourself wondering where the next client is coming from? Do you feel that others are privy to opportunities and you are left on the side lines wondering why?

I’m sure we have all felt this way at some point, but if it’s happening in your own business, it may be time to check in with yourself and ask, “where am I doing this to others?

If you look at your business and the opportunities you’ve been given and the connections you’ve made, do you pause to recognize how it all came about?

I started with no leads when I walked into my first Chamber of Commerce network breakfast in Sherwood Park 14 years ago. Today I have a network of thousands. I never lose sight of where it all began. My success is a direct result of the connections I have made and those people who gave me speaking engagements to grow my network. The direct results are the connections I have made for other entrepreneurs, and the opportunities I give them to speak at events, and keep their names in front of hundreds of others. That is how networking works. Whenever someone needs a resource for anything, I have a contact that can help them.

I suppose I am surprised when I learn others don’t see the value in their rear view mirror.

There is value in knowing where opportunities come from, so we can repeat the process. There is value in knowing who delivered those opportunities, so we can reciprocate when we have the opportunity. Moving the energy in and around the community helps to grow the community and it all begins with you, and me and what we recognize as contributing factors to our success and opportunities.

My chief aim in life is to help others become the best they can be. Sure, there is something in it for me, I am also running a business. Success creates success, and I want to be the best that I can be, and help you achieve all that you dream of in your business.

When you feel opportunity is passing you by, take a moment to reflect on what you may be neglecting to recognize around you. Connect the dots between your clients and opportunities and acknowledge where they came from. It may surprise you to see the web of connections, where they began and the opportunity for reciprocity.

  Posted: Thu Dec 5th 2019 7:30pm  2 years ago

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