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Clients love it when you say, “Oops, I screwed up, let me make that right”. Clients don’t like it when you say, “That was the printer’s fault” or, “I had a bad day” or, ”I had another client to look after”. When things go sideways, your client doesn’t care about the cause, they want a solution, that is what they are paying for.

We make mistakes, we are human and owning the mistakes is a part of owning a business. We will continue to evolve and grow (personally and professionally) providing we adopt one key principal – Accountability.

Everything that happens in our business is on us. If an employee continuously misses deadlines, or is late for work, that’s on you as the business owner. If a client isn’t happy with their product and chooses to go someplace else, that’s on you as the business owner.

When things go sideways, or not in the direction you were planning, what is your response?

Accountability is a foundational principal that reflects your values and displays to the world your trustworthiness.

As I always say, people do business with those they KNOW, LIKE & TRUST. When one of these three come into question, we have a problem.

Blame is the other side of accountability.

When we blame others, outside circumstances, our past, or any excuses outside of ourselves, our problems grow. When we take accountability, problems diminish and trust increases.

Taking ownership of our mistakes, or the mistakes of our employees or contractors proves to the business community we are worthy of their business.

Are you building bridges or burning them?

When accountability becomes a question in the mind of your client, or you don’t do the things you say you are going to do, or dismiss an issue as someone else’s problem, you begin to burn bridges.

Be accountable for the successes, the missteps, broken promises, mistakes – take ownership of everything that has to do with your business. My business depends on your business succeeding. I want to celebrate your successes, refer you to others (because I know, like and trust you). This is how business in today’s world works. We have women generating six figures solely from the Womanition community and I assure you, they adopted the Accountability Principal in their business long ago.

Let’s build bridges!

  Posted: Wed Oct 9th 2019 12:00pm  2 years ago

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