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Are you getting where you want to go — with your business, in your career, in your social life? OR Have you hit an invisible wall that you are struggling to get through?

Could the issue be the way you present yourself — your clothing, grooming & social skills?

You may not think that appearance is important, but it is a communication tool and speaks first.

We have all heard the adage “you only have 30 seconds to make a first impression.” How much can you say in 30 seconds? Not a whole lot! Therefore, your appearance carries a lot of weight in making that good impression.

If we aren’t strategic about this, we have no control over the impression we make. It’s human nature to judge things — and then make assumptions based on that judgment. In fact, people will judge your appearance long before they will judge your talents and 3 things won’t change:

  1. If you want the job (business appointment, date), you have to look the part.
  2. If you want a promotion (to do business, a second date), you have to look promotable.
  3. If you want respect, you have to dress as well as or better than the industry standard (the potential client, the competition).

So strategically, it only makes sense to learn how to dress well consistently. It is a strategy for business, career and personal satisfaction.

Want to have control of the message you send? A clear visual statement is an integral part of your success and is a skill that can be learned. Working with an Image Consultant — an expert in visual communication — is an investment in yourself, your business and your success.

We are bombarded with visuals images every minute of the day — they speak to us and drive our desires.

Why not rely on your visual presentation to do the talking for you?

— Mary Lynn Ilnitsky
Get Dressed on Purpose

  Posted: Tue Sep 8th 2020 12:00pm  a year ago

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