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Why do we need a Mentor?

When 21 women come together and share lessons from their life as entrepreneurs, there is power, guidance, true grit, vulnerability, and inspiration with perspectives to guide and support others on their own journey.

Mentors don’t tell us what to do, they open a door and invite us in to a room of possibility. “Have you considered this”; they may ask. “Let me tell you a story”, is often heard from a mentee or protégé.

The truth is, no matter how independent we are, or how strong we may feel, we are not meant to do this life alone.

I have advisors, and I tap into their wisdom often. As much as I love working on my own, and trust my intuition to guide me, I am smart enough to realize I need the input of my trusted advisors to either confirm what I am thinking or doing, or to give me other perspectives. I may not agree with them, and at times I need a purposeful nudge, but I listen and know there are always other ways of viewing and understanding a situation, idea, or avenue.

I am so proud to have brought together 21 amazing women in business to publish the third book in our mentoring series, Mentoring Women Leaders III – Lessons Learned. Each one of these women have a message that has the potential to change lives.

In 2012 I was invited to give a talk on networking to the classroom where Shauna Madsen was teaching a business plan program to 20 new entrepreneurs. I shared my story of Womanition and a young woman in the class began to cry. When I left, I met her on the elevator and asked why she was crying. She told me her story.

She used to run drugs for drug dealers in Edmonton and would take the free magazines from the stands in her local grocery store and wrap the drugs inside. One day she picked up the Womanition magazine and couldn’t bring herself to wrap the drugs inside once she flipped through the pages. On the bus she began reading about each woman; their articles about how they started their business, the difficulties they overcame, their failures and successes.

She was so inspired by what she read; she left her career as a drug runner to start her own, legitimate business. I cried along with her and encouraged her to keep moving forward.

This is the power of mentoring. We may never know the impact we have on another, and as long as we continue to build our businesses, our community and serve for serving sake, we will make a difference, one protégé at a time.

Mentoring Women Leaders III – Lessons Learned is published this month and we will have it for sale at the Biz Brigade on Friday. When you purchase a book, you have the opportunity to join a mentoring session with some of our mentors.

I look forward to seeing you at the BizBrigade.

  Posted: Fri Jul 5th 2019 1:00pm  2 years ago

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Up until Womanition I truly believed (through past experiences) that women didn’t help women in business. It honestly blew me away and sometime still, I take a step back, give my head a shake and ask myself is this really happening? I am so grateful for all the amazing friends and mentors that have come into my life since I started with the group. -Colette Benoit