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Featured Profiles in Womanition Magazine 2019

Meet Adele Goodwin

Meet Alex Favret

Meet Alexis Leclair

Meet Andrea Bailey Brown

Meet Angela Domet

Meet Angela Pauls

Meet Bonnie Hoffman

Meet Carla Gate

Meet Carol Secord

Meet Christina Louise Fuchs

Meet Christine Till

Meet Christine Zacharko

Meet Chrome Spa Salon

Meet Cindy Wood

Meet Colette Benoit

Meet Corby Furrow

Meet Darlene Schindel

Meet Debbie Smit

Meet Deborah Kurach

Meet Debra Couwenberg

Meet DeeAnne Riendeau

Meet Del Dilkie

Meet Delain Witzaney

Meet Diane Matthews

Meet Donna Worthington

Meet Dorine P. Kielly

Meet Eunice Beckett

Meet Eve Rose

Meet Evelyne Nyario

Meet Franni Welter

Meet Gail McDonald

Meet Glenda Polak

Meet Holly Oliver

Meet Jane Zakreski

Meet Jane Carr

Meet Jennifer Belik

Meet Jennifer Brown Flewelling

Meet Joan Small

Meet Jennifer O’Connor

Meet Joanna Brown

Meet Joanna Starko

Meet Jesse Szymanski

Meet Jodi Fulford

Meet Jules Sloan

Meet Karen Deimert

Meet Karen Murdock

Meet Karen Michele West

Meet Karla Loeppky

Meet Karla Weiss

Meet Karmen Masson

Meet Katrina Breau

Meet Krista Lindstrom

Meet Kristy Russ

Meet Leah Kazakoff

Meet Leanne Koziak

Meet Lisa Goodwin

Meet Lina Giordano Lytviak

Meet Lisa Babineau

Meet Lisa Standeven

Meet Lisa Vanderkwaak

Meet Lorephil Aguinaldo

Meet Lorraine Hupka

Meet Lydija Dahl

Meet Margaret Jenei

Meet Maria Lewis

Meet Marie Lizotte

Meet Mary Lou Gutscher

Meet Mary Lynn Ilnitsky

Meet Mary E. Stevenson

Meet Mary Webber

Meet Maureen Esch

Meet Melanie Cheek

Meet Dr. Melanie Marr

Meet Dr. Michelle Breault

Meet Michelle Broadbent

Meet Michelle Kardolus

Meet Michelle Zoschke

Meet Mirande Alexandre

Meet Dr. Mittali Chouhan

Meet Nickii Dhaliwal Harpreet

Meet Patti Chrabaszcz

Meet Patricia Dalgleish

Meet Patti Vincent

Meet Pearl Gregor, Ph.D.

Meet Rhonda Milton

Meet Rita-anne Fuss

Meet Rita Balanko

Meet Ruthann Weeks

Meet Sandra Griff

Meet Sarah Befus

Meet Sharon Gregresh

Meet Shauna Madsen

Meet Stacey Berger

Meet Dr. Sylvie Renoir

Meet Tai-Monique Kristjansen

Meet Teresa Brunner

Meet Terri Lynn Cook

Meet Theresa Stanley

Meet The Beauty Lounge

Meet Time To Care Dental

Meet Toni Stewart

Meet Trixie Rowein

Meet Dr. Vera Baziuk

Meet Victoria Armstrong

Meet Wendy Moyle

Meet Zandra Bell

Meet Zareena Ali

 Featured Members

 Womanition Magazine

 Biz Brigade

Womanition has allowed me to become part of something. I didn’t grow up here and although I have been here for a while when it comes groups, friends, women and business I just had a select few great friends. Womanition has allowed me to meet so many amazing women. Up until Womanition I truly believed (through past experiences) that women didn’t help women in business. I believed that it was a cut throat market. Womanition has changed that belief for me. It is truly amazing to see a group of business women who truly want to help other women entrepreneurs. It honestly blew me away and sometime still, I take a step back, give my head a shake and ask myself is this really happening? I am so grateful for all the amazing friends and mentors that have come into my life since I started with the group. Womanition also allowed me to build confidence and tell my story. It allowed me to open up and be vulnerable. So thank you. I know it has been awhile since I have been to a lunch but things have been super busy as our Seminar is next week and I have had a bit of a rough winter with minor health issues. So I will be back lol! I look forward to the future and what it has in store. Thanks again for creating such an amazing group and for allowing me to be a part of it! -Colette Benoit