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Could igniting a creative personal spark bring a solution to some of life’s challenges?

Art has its own language; one that communicates in a way that a spoken language cannot. The process of creating art can offer healing and wholeness by relieving stress, depression, and fear. Art therapy uses simple art activities to help people express themselves through a drawing, painting, or sculptural creation. Well-being can be realized through this simple creative process, regardless of one’s innate artistic abilities.

Each of us has a unique language of symbols representing concepts that can be simple or very complex. When we intentionally connect with our symbolic language through art-making, we become more aware of our desires, fears, and personal blocks. Learning how to decipher your symbols through the processing phase of an art therapy session allows for looking deeply at personal patterns and the essence of the artwork’s message. 

The practice of art therapy employs a wide range of tools and materials such as markers and pastels, watercolour and acrylic paints, clay, collage; used in the creation of paintings, drawings, masks, dolls, and other figures. While some aspects of art therapy may involve play, exploration, and experimentation with art media, one quickly realizes that this powerful tool can bring into awareness one’s internal conflicts. So, while the creative process is inevitably fun for most people, it is also very useful; you get to know yourself better through the exploration of your art. These are the obstructions that might be currently holding you back in your personal and work lives.

Creative expression has been repeatedly shown to naturally calm the body, reduce blood pressure, and release chemicals in the brain that can improve one’s outlook and mood. In turn, this allows for more resilient responses to stressors. Life does and will offer challenges to all of us and how we respond to them is our choice. Knowing ourselves more thoroughly through art therapy can contribute to deep insights, while crafting reliable strategies for dealing with those challenges.

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