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Let’s Talk About Menopause and Adrenal Fatigue

How many of you are currently juggling:

  • a fast-paced, high pressure career, fuelled by a Type “A” personality or the fear of not having enough money to live and retire well?
  • caring for elderly parents and other seniors in your life?
  • supporting adult children, financially and/or emotionally?
  • trying to be a loving and involved parent or grandparent?
  • coping with the “three D’s”: downsizing, death, and divorce?

Life just keeps happening at a fast and frantic pace; you worry that your mental and physical health won’t hold up under the onslaught.

Let’s Talk About Menopause

and Adrenal Fatigue Menopause is the natural reduction of the ovarian hormones your body produces. The fluctuation of your hormones can cause: mood swings (usually irritability and depression), headaches, mental “fog”, fat gain around the abdomen and hips, dryness, fatigue and insomnia, and so on.

As your sex hormones gradually decline and your stress level remains constant, (or worse yet, ramps up!)—two tiny glands located above each kidney are left to pick up the slack. They are your adrenal glands and they are struggling with the load. The result is adrenal fatigue, or its more appropriate medical name: HPA Axis Dysfunction.

You become profoundly exhausted, and usually also suffer from miscellaneous “aches and pains”, autoimmune issues (think arthritis, allergies, thyroid) and digestive disorders. You have one nerve left and everybody gets on it.


There is no such thing as a fifteen minute consult in my practice. After an extensive intake and medical history, I develop a diagnosis and treatment that is uniquely yours. I am genuinely interested in acting as your “body detective”, thoroughly and methodically collecting the clues your body gives me and fitting them together to rebuild your health.

I am a licensed acupuncturist and focus on effectively restoring the energetic flow in your body, I’m also the only acupuncturist in Canada trained to use a “K-Laser” medical laser to further address pain and offer “needleless” treatments. I enhance these therapies with the very latest in private lab testing, dietary advice, herbal tinctures and teas, and professional grade supplements. I am committed to helping you regain your good health and sense of peace.

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Company: Sun Point Acupuncture

Telephone: (780) 850-9423


Wendy Taylor

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