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Promote you and your business with our on-line Business Briefs presentation, which includes a full copyright photo (if applicable) and your full-page, printable article designed to market your business. All it takes is a 350-word bio and your photo, and we do the rest. We will promote you through our social media presence and will link to each other.

Featured Profiles in Womanition Magazine 2018

Meet Adele Goodwin Keleher

Meet Alisa Taylor

Meet Andrea Bailey-Brown

Meet Dr Andrea Eschenbrenner

Meet Bonnie Jensen-Walker

Meet Carla Amthor

Meet Carla Gate

Meet Caroline Matthews

Meet Cheryl Dyck

Meet Christine Till

Meet Corby Furrow

Meet Constance Misick

Meet Darlene Schindel

Meet Debbie Smith

Meet Debra Couwenberg

Meet Debra DeBernardo

Meet Debra Debow

Meet Deborah Kurach

Meet Deborah Wight

Meet DeeAnne Riendeau

Meet Del Dilkie

Meet Delain Witzaney

Meet Denise "Dee" Mago

Meet Diane Matthews

Meet Donna Maskell

Meet Donna Worthington

Meet Dorine Kielly

Meet Easter Seals Alberta

Meet Elaine Chapman

Meet Franni Welter

Meet Geha Gonthier

Meet Glenda Polak

Meet Heather Andrews

Meet Heather Driedger

Meet Helene Wood

Meet Jane Carr

Meet Jane Zakreski

Meet Jelena Radic

Meet Jennifer Belik

Meet Jennifer Brown

Meet Jennifer O'Connor

Meet Jenni Sustrate

Meet Jesse Szymanski

Meet Joanne Kirk

Meet Joanne Neweduk

Meet Joan Small

Meet Joelly Lang

Meet Jodi Fulford

Meet Jules Sloan

Meet Karen Murdock

Meet Karen Sievwright

Meet Karen Michele West

Meet Karla Loeppky

Meet Katrina Breau

Meet Krista Rumberg

Meet Laura Bechard

Meet Laura Harder

Meet Leah Kazakoff

Meet Leanne Koziak

Meet Lena Le Huray

Meet Leslie Vivvian

Meet Lil Lezarre

Meet Lisa Standeven

Meet Lisa Elle

Meet Lisa Huston

Meet Lisa Vanderkwaak

Meet Lorraine Hupka

Meet Lorraine Shulba

Meet Lydija Dahl

Meet Maria Lewis

Meet Marie Lizotte

Meet Marina Anderson

Meet Mary Lou Gutscher

Meet Mary Lynn Ilnitsky

Meet Mary Stevenson

Meet Mary Webber

Meet Maureen Esch

Meet Michelle Broadbent

Meet Mirande Alexandre

Meet Melody Chardon

Meet Melanie Cheek

Meet Dr Melanie Marr

Meet Nicki Chang-Powless

Meet Nola Peacock

Meet Patricia Dalgleish

Meet Patti Chrabaszcz

Meet Patti-Lou Cumby

Meet Patti Vincent

Meet PearlGregor

Meet Razia Qarni

Meet Rita-Anne Fuss

Meet Rosemarie Castro

Meet Rose Simard-Bachand

Meet Sandra Goebel

Meet Sarah Befus And Jeni Mundy

Meet Shannon Gordon

Meet Shanaz Iyer

Meet Sharon Gregresh

Meet Sharon Shore

Meet Shauna Madsen

Meet Simone Conrad

Meet Stacey Berger

Meet Stacie Clarke & Michelle Kaplan

Meet Sylvie Renoir

Meet Terri Cook

Meet Theresa Stanley

Meet Teresa Brunner

Meet Toni Stewart

Meet Tracie Sarumowa

Meet Trina MacPhee

Meet Trixie Rowein

Meet Vera Baziuk

Meet Victoria Armstrong

Meet Wendy Moyle

Meet Yvonne Wilchewski

Meet Zandra Bell

Womanition has been integral to the success of my business for many reasons. Prior to starting my company, I worked for 20 years in the film and television industry, a world unto itself. Upon starting Modern Muse Media, I knew very few people in the corporate world nor much about entrepreneurship. Womanition embraced me and has provided me with a community of clients, and now friends, who support my business and inspire me as a business owner. The networking and professional development opportunities have contributed to the growth of my company and my confidence as an entrepreneur. I have secured various clients due to exposure of the magazine and many Womanition member have attended our workshops. It truly has been invaluable being a part of this organization. -Jesse Szymanski

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