Deborah Nichol


Deborah is the director of Healing Heart™ Wellness, she's a Holistic Health Practitioner, Mentor, Writer, and Speaker. She is also a ThetaHealing® Rainbow Children Instructor and Roots to Wings™ Parents Program Founder and Director.

Deborah is a Reiki Master who also holds a Rainbow Children’s Teaching Licence, an Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner Licence and an Intuitive Anatomy Certificate in Theta Healing. She also has certifications in Rayid and Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Wild Rose College of Healing Arts.

As a Holistic Healer, Deborah works in conjunction with other health practitioners, such as Naturopaths, Osteopaths, and Chiropractors to help solve specific and challenging issues for their clients. When treatments hit a plateau, they are referred to Deborah to get to the root of the problem. Her unique holistic training, intuitive abilities, compassion, integrity and sometimes a dash of humour, help people get to the core of what is energetically causing their health issues and consequently guides them to begin the healing process. This unique Healing Heart™ method results in quick and long-lasting health and emotional wellness.

Deborah has had tremendous results treating people with eczema, having trouble conceiving, going through chemo, sleep problems, digestive problems, back pain, drug, alcohol and food addictions, arthritis, allergies, anxiety, trauma, post traumatic stress disorder and sexual abuse. Deborah's Healing Heart™ Workshops have been developed to help others transform their lives so that they are full of life, love, purpose and intention. In all aspects of her work, Deborah is dedicated to helping others, connecting mind, body and spirit with meaningful guidance and healing support.

Deborah is also very proud to be the Chairwoman of the Non-profit Organization called C.A.R.E.S Society which is a under the umbrella of Calgary Family Services.

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Company: Healing Heart Wellness

Phone: (403) 452-6511



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