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Life is amazing and it keeps getting better. That’s a statement I make regularly now, but back in 2002 I was functioning as a working wife and mother but with no smile or inner contentment. Life was drudge. I didn’t even dream that such a great life was possible for me until I discovered the importance of rebuilding myself from the inside out.

By 2010 I had grown a great deal, even completing a university certificate program. I also discovered I have an entrepreneurial spirit and started a side business, Tender Loving Cups. In February 2014 I quit my full time job to take my bra business global.

In the course of sharing my life experiences through books and speaking engagements I was driven to directly help other people overcome their challenges and self-limiting beliefs. I found my purpose – to inspire and encourage others to find their fulfillment through respect, authenticity, honesty and gratitude.

Does any of my story resonate with you? Are you ready to start living for the future instead of revisiting the past? I’m ready to help you work to find your purpose, passion, smile and inner contentment.

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Company: Tender Loving Cups

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Womanition has been to me so many things but above all it has become my family. As you know, I have no family here they are all in SK. Scott’s family is also very small and not very involved with gatherings. Womanition has become that family for me. I look forward to all the meetings because it’s like a family gathering. I have so many more friends, colleagues, referral partners and clients from it! I wouldn’t say it has doubled my revenue but I do have many dear clients because of the relationships I’ve built there. I have more confidence in my speaking skills and it has given me the confidence to host my own events too to help even more women build their own confidence. You have created a ripple effect that will affect thousands of women. -Jenni Sustrate

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