Thanks to visionary entrepreneur, Dorothy Briggs, the mentors included in these amazing book have the opportunity to share their success stories with hope of inspiring others to follow their dreams and live their passion.

Mentoring Women Leaders Third Book

These incredible business women share the lessons they've learned as leaders and mentors. Their stories and lessons are Inspirational, educational, motivational and sometimes humorous. Authors include: Donna Worthington CFP,EPC , Dorothy Briggs, Darla Zuk, Angela Pauls, Catherine Saykaly-Steve, Cheryl Dyck, Deborah Kurach,Del Dilkie, Dorine Kielly, Karla Loeppky, Katrina Breau Lerena Greig Lydija Dahl Mary Lou Gutscher, Nicki Chang Powless, Rose-ann Normandeau, Sharon Gregresh, Shauna Madsen, Stacey Berger, Teresa Brunner and Zandra Bell.

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Mentoring Women Leaders Second Book

In this award winning publication, 22 successful entrepreneurs share their stories, their knowledge and encouragement. The women in this publication are real life mentors to entrepreneurs, changing lives and providing guidance as they share lessons and wisdom from real life experiences.

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A seasoned “coach” in your corner can lead you to accept yourself, to embrace your strengths as well as your weaknesses, and make the most of what you’ve got, using even supposed “drawbacks” to your advantage. Certainly an experienced mentor can help you discover your “Why?” and your “Big Picture”, inspiring you to build on the essence of what truly motivates you.

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