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1. Go to Meetup.com. You must join the Meetup organization first. 2. Search for the name of the group then join the group. 3. Must have a business head shot, full name and profession. 4. Answer the questions. 5. Wait for approval. 6. Once approved, proceed to RSVPing and paying online to attend.

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 Biz Brigade

Your efforts with Womanition have provided me with an opportunity to develop friendships with other women in business, to support and be supported by those women, and to expand my own skills by stretching me in circumstances where I am not very comfortable (like public speaking). I have done business with some of these same women but the aspects that I mention first are more important to me and I truly appreciate what you do to bring us all together. As a solopreneur I view these relationships as my “work buddies” and I look forward to the meetings as part of my community. The learning/teaching that goes into Biz Brigade and the celebration of women in business with the SuPEARLative awards are events that bring us closer together. Thanks for all you do to make this happen. -Patti Chrabaszcz