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1. Go to Meetup.com. You must join the Meetup organization first. 2. Search for the name of the group then join the group. 3. Must have a business head shot, full name and profession. 4. Answer the questions. 5. Wait for approval. 6. Once approved, proceed to RSVPing and paying online to attend.

I am in this for the long game, I love the support I get from other women and I have met some wonderful ladies who are like me and just moving their companies forward. I don't have an expectation that everyone or even anyone in the group will do business with me, I do have an expectation that if I need a sounding board, I have a solid group of women who have my back and will be honest with me. I have a group of women who if I have a question or a resource need, someone will know where / who to contact and the referral will not be a skeezy sales person - it will be someone who is trust worthy and will do well by me (eg: not rip me off). I believe in mentoring, giving back and making sure we support each other. If I get any business on the side from this - awesome - so I'm probably not the average joe with expectations that this will bring me double the business, etc - but this group fills a great need that is out there - women supporting other women in succeeding in thing goals and dreams. Love what you and Darla are doing - keep doing it! -Lydia Dahl

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