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In 2007 I took the opportunity to appear in the first Womanition magazine. I am still getting business calls - and still love the concept of Womanition empowering women. - Heather Bell

Womanition is an outstanding resource to create awareness of both yourself and your business. Being featured in a superior publication alongside other successful business women only serves to provide further credibility and clarity in the marketplace. - Jo-ann Vacing

Womanition magazine is a great way to promote myself in the community. The visual presentation is professional and well laid out. I had very positive feedback from customers and it gave me the added exposure that worked well with my media campaign. - Kim Deep, CMA, Kidz Make Cents Inc. www.kidzmakecents.com

Ooh la la! A big thank you for what you've done with Womanition. Within one week I had attrracted two new clients was well as a major media interview. The ad paid for itself immediately! - Kim Duke CEO of the Sales Divas, www.salesdivas.com Sherwood Park, AB

I want to thank you for enduring all the challenges, road bumps and closed doors that you have encountered over time that has led to this day. You clearly have an unwavering and unstoppable force within you that holds success and empowerment as its' focus.

Although I hardly know you, I have seen and felt enough to extend my sincere gratitude to you for walking your path and willingly extending open arms to other women through the Edmonton Women Connect Group and Womanition.

Personally, Tuesdays' luncheon was wonderful for me, to be amongst and part of a geniuine group of woman with purpose.

From my heart, thank you Dorothy. Very Kind Regards, - Jackie Young-Norris

“It was fortune shining on me when I learned of Womanition magazine and the vision of Dorothy Briggs. She immediately welcomed me into the Womanition family with warmth, grace and heart. She is everything a women entrepreneur can aspire to be and sets the bar high with her values: generosity, reciprocity, passion, purpose, perseverance, understanding, integrity and love. There are too many values to mention. Thank you Dorothy for creating a way to profile women entrepreneurs where it shows how we lead from the heart.” August 13, 2010 - Lisa Chell, Owner, Ultimate Clarity International

“Dorothy Briggs shared her expertise and salesmanship know how at The Millionaire Woman Club night. She develops a rapport with her audience from the very beginning and readily shares her personal experiences on her ladder of success. Dorothy is a woman that you should know!” June 26, 2010 - Debra Kasowski, Founder, The Millionaire Woman

It is with a happy heart I write this recommendation for Dorothy Briggs. I had the pleasure of procuring one of the sought after pages in the 2009 edition of Womanition Magazine and I can tell you I have had nothing but amazing results. My Linked In, Facebook Fan Page and website site all saw increased hits after Womanition hit the stands. A sure sign of success. If you are looking at a unique and highly-visual way to promote your business consider Womanition or Vavasaur magazines. They are both fantastic marketing tools and certainly help get your name out there!” February 10, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity - Shauna McConechy

“My relationship with Dorothy Briggs, through Womanition has been an absolute asset to me - both personally - and professionally. Through creative advertising and company exposure, Dorothy has successfully taken Lighthouse Professional Learning Group Inc. to a community that only a magazine with integrity and quality could do. Thank you so much Dorothy, for all your dedication, innovation, and hard work! Ongoing best wishes as you continue to build your magazine! Harriet van Staveren Lighthouse Professional Learning Group Inc.” May 20, 2009 - Harriet van Staveren

“I've had the pleasure of working with Dorothy Briggs on the Board of Directors of the Sherwood Park and District Chamber of Commerce. She has been an active participant and hard working volunteer that is very dependable and professional. We haven't had the opportunity to collaborate outside of the Chamber yet and I look forward to the opportunity should that arise. She's a great lady and savvy business owner.” April 9, 2008 - Walter Schwabe, Chief Evolution Officer, fusedlogic inc.

“I have worked with Dorothy on the Board for the Chamber of Commerce for several years, and have worked with her in three seperate business ventures. Throughout the time I have known her, she has been diligent, trustworthy and has never failed to come through when it counted most. She has completed every project she has started not only on time but also at or under her budget. She is a results oriented person and does not compromise. I would not hesitate to recommend her both personally and professionally.” April 8, 2008 - Greg Douglas, Director, Sherwood Park and District Chamber of Commerce

I am at awe with what Dorothy has done with the Womanition and Vavasaur monthly luncheons. Every month I am breaking bread with like-minded individuals who offer me support and guidance each in their own way. Having both the men and the women together at the luncheon makes for a very powerful and diverse group. I am so grateful to Dorothy for everything she does for us! You're simply the best Dorothy! - Carmen Jubinville, The Big Life Coach, www.carmenjubinville.com

Hello Dorothy!

I can't thank you enough for the support and promotion of Womanition with my business , Periosmart.

You have helped me so much! In 2010, the market was saturated with dental hygienists. I was working part-time and was very unhappy. I didn't ever think that in my 18 year career that I wouldn't have a full-time job!

One dismal night I thought "people have asked me for better tasting fluoride for years, joking about rum and cola flavor and Irish cream." I figured it is time to give the people what they want! I wrote up a business plan and spent my savings to "try" to see how Happy Hour and Scoopz Fluoride would work. Then, I guess I would have to try it on patients thus Periosmart Mobile Dental Hygiene was born! I thought I would see some seniors and maybe in 3-5 years make a living. Following after a brief conversation with my soccer teammate, Kim Deep, I told her what I was considering. She asked me to come with her to a Womanition meeting as her guest.

I didn't realize meeting Dorothy Briggs would be a life changing moment!

Since then, I have been able to draw a salary and pay my bills as well as secure a contract with the Greater Edmonton Foundation of which they have 3000 residents! Your promotion of my business, Periosmart Mobile Dental Hygiene Services featuring Happy Hour and Scoopz Fluoride has renewed my interest in the profession and allowed me to become involved with drug and alcohol recovery and homeless centres.

The product is also approved by Health Canada and I am also manufacturing for distribution to dental offices within Canada! I am living the life I always wanted but didn't know how to get there! I am so grateful for all your help ! Thank you Womanition! Sincerely, - Tracy Fedorak, Director of Periosmart

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I have been a part of the Womanition magazine for 10 years. I decided to try a 2nd year and commit to attending Dorothy's events. Wow! What a difference. Dorothy says....'show up and magic happens' and it's true. Events like the Biz Brigades and Aces Workshops have inspired and motivated me to be a better business woman. -Glenda Polak