Alberta North - Womanition Supearlative Awards 2020

Every year, Womanition women nominate other women across Alberta deserving of recognition for their contributions in various categories. Award judges are not associated with Womanition, and they volunteer their time to read each of the nominee’s biographies and vote to determine the winners in each of the categories.

Supearlative Awards Edmonton


Date: Saturday, March 28, 2020
Time: 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Location: Canadian Druze Ctr 14304 134 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 5V8
Investment: Single Ticket $76 + GST

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Pearls In Her Profession

A pearl starts as a foreign particle; over time, concentrated layers of crystalline aragonite surround it. They are highly valued as gemstones—admired for their iridescence, luster and naturally occurring spherical shape! Pearls in her Profession!

What a perfect metaphor for female entrepreneurs! Like the small particle that begins of Pearl… we start out with a will to succeed… then create our persona through the many layers of experiences and skills we amass!

Alone, we shine… however, our feminine nature is to share ideas… bringing us together to form a “String of Pearls”… strong, sophisticated, complex, and flexible! Over time, a single pearl can evolve into an iridescent beauty and gain admiration… and in the same way, one special person can ignite the world around us to such an extent that we feel compelled to honour her achievements!

New Citizen Award

She is an immigrant and now a Canadian Citizen who is making a difference in the lives of others and/or her community.

New Business Venture Award

She must run a successful new or home-based business for 1 - 5 years.

Professional Trades Award

This award recognizes a woman in the construction field where women serve as a powerful inspiration to countless others. Example: architects, engineers, electricians, builders, etc.

Health and Wellness Award

She must be in the health and wellness business, providing people with outstanding results.

Philanthropy Award

The award recognizes women who inspire and motivate others through their volunteer efforts. These committed women give of their time and talents freely and tirelessly for the benefit of others and the community.

Education and Mentorship Award

This award recognizes women who inspire others with their passion for personal growth, development and life-long learning. Through the education system, employee training and development, mentorship, community education or other alternatives, they develop innovative programs and/or build a strong rapport with community members to foster learning in a broader sense.

Special Skills Award

This award recognizes a woman who has a broad range of skills and talent in order to contribute to a modern economy. Ex: Public Speaker, Salesperson, Networker, Leader, Graphic Designer, Marketer, Human Resources, Athlete, Polyglot, Hairstylist, Coaching, Politics, Media, etc.

Entrepreneur of the Year Award

This award recognizes a woman who is a great leader and who elevates her team and her customers. Must run a successful business for more than 5 years.

Spirit of Youth Award

This award recognizes a young woman, 13 – 21 years of age, who has excelled in education, or athletic ability, or community service and entrepreneurship, etc.


  • Christina Louise Fuchs - Christina Louise Photography
  • Deborah Kurach – Verve Salon & Spa
  • Donna Worthington CFP EPC
  • Jesse Szymanski - Modern Muse Media
  • Print Sponsor - Staples Canada
  • Shauna Madsen - Madsen Avenue

Category Sponsors

  • New Business Venture – Darlene Schindel
  • Entrepreneur of Year – Joanna Starko
  • Special Skills - Shauna Madsen
  • Health & Wellness – Glenda Polak
  • New Citizen – Mary Lou Gutscher
  • Philanthropy – Jenni Sustrate
  • Spirit of Youth – Theresa Stanley
  • Education & Mentorship – Stacey Berger
  • Professional Trades – Jennifer O-Connor

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