Events & Networking

Events & Networking

SuPEARLative Awards

Every year, Womanition women nominate other women across Alberta, deserving of recognition for their contributions in various categories. Award judges are not associated with Womanition, and they volunteer their time to read each of the nominee’s biographies and then vote to determine the winners in each of the categories.


Womanition BizBrigade was established in 2011 and has grown to become a bi-annual business conference, with sell-out crowds. This unique format provides the participants with a full day of learning, motivational keynote experts, a buffet lunch, and refreshments throughout the day.

Facebook Group

The Facebook Group is a place where you can get support, give support, where we all benefit, and get the help needed to succeed. This is a fun, friendly, and supportive group when everyone respects the boundaries and we help each other.


Womanition Connect Meetings are designed to connect women in business, entrepreneurs and women who have services and products to sell in Alberta. We are a group of professional business women interested in meeting, supporting and networking with other like-minded women.